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..........................gonna paint this on the juvenile's  bedroom mirror.


may as well start calling this the abandoned projects graveyard blog...

UPDATE: This project is officially un-abandoned! Stay tuned.....


next in my acclaimed web series, "animated shorts that no one will watch in a million zillion years", this guy, and another just like him:



DESCRIPTION: well, i thought i would make a nice little movie for my subscribers while at the same time learning how to use after effects. so here you go. i'll admit to being somewhat unpleased with the results for the following reasons: 1. it is 2 months late. 2. turns out , i don't have motion tracking capabilities. 3. the live action footage is rubbish. 4. the colors got screwed up in the QT encode. other than that, enjoy!

UPDATE: well, just plain heck with my "subscribers". none of them are watching so, here. it's for all my homies who have kept it real, knowumsayin.

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i heart owls!!!111!!!1!!!1!!!

these are supposed to be brown, not blue. there just is not enough time in the day for me to figure out why blogger does all the crappy things it does. [update: click the crappy blue images to see the original stunning technicolor images]


pepe again...


i hate these phones myself, but...



i'm fiddling about with after effects now. was hoping to have these guys animated for the new year. didn't happen. maybe by february 1st. the test footage looks good.

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