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i heart owls!!!111!!!1!!!1!!!

these are supposed to be brown, not blue. there just is not enough time in the day for me to figure out why blogger does all the crappy things it does. [update: click the crappy blue images to see the original stunning technicolor images]


Blogger Craig D said...

I suddenly crave a bag of Wise potato chips...

9:01 AM EST  
Blogger bardhol said...

Thank you! For my next trick I will make you crave a bowl of C-3POs - two crunches in every double "o" - doncha want' em?

7:09 PM EST  
Blogger bardhol said...

By the way, the Wise logo has really gone down the crapper recently, if it even still exists. That it has happened around the same time as the Count Chocula fiasco leaves me thinking... "CONSPIRACY".

7:17 PM EST  
Blogger Jess VanDervort said...

I love the little short, round owls. <3

7:50 PM EST  
Blogger Craig D said...

THIS is what I'm taklin' 'bout, yo!

10:03 AM EST  
Blogger bardhol said...

JVD: Thanks. He is a cuddlebear is he not? Check out the 3-dimensional version we're working on!
CD: 'Sdelightful! I'm glad those images are still available to us in one form or another. Sometimes I think a large part of the internet is simply the life of our culture flashing before its eyes, in the moments before it hits rock bottom.

1:24 AM EST  

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