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The Deadly Nightshade Diner - We Never Close
Will be open soon.
Why don't you try the eggs?


Blogger Craig D said...

I like eggs.

Try the McNuggets, as well.

Hope your relocatin' hasn't been too aggravatin' or player-hatin'.

Best o' luck with the new blog, G!

8:42 PM EST  
Blogger Dirk_Star said...

Hey, what kind of diner is this anyway?

Is this one of those commie places...

No, I do not know the egg guy! As gawd is my witness, I've never seen him anywhere before. He is mistaken!

8:37 AM EST  
Blogger KenM said...

Hey, is there room for another socially defective numbskull in this place? And how do I get a menu?

How have you been, Mr. B? I'm the ghost of Mr. X.

9:46 PM EST  
Blogger Craig D said...

Egads - the jernt is haunted!!!

8:06 AM EST  
Blogger Craig D said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS to Mr. & Mrs. Bardhol! HAve you gotten your cheesey Hallmark "First Christmas Together" ornament yet? Ours is making it's 18th consecutive appearance this year.

Hope we can blog each other more in 2007. My best wishes to you & your's, my blogging buddy!

7:26 AM EST  
Blogger Josh "Just What the Doctor Ordered" Heisie said...

So when is something appearing on this here site, sir?!? Thanks for the friendly comments on me own!

12:57 AM EST  
Blogger bardhol said...

Thanks for all the rad comments everyone! c.d., we do indeed have the first of many cheesy ornaments to come, along with a huge cheesy carrying case to put them in. I hope to see 60 or 70 more before we wrap it up over here. Well done on your 18 already! In case you should read this before the ball drops, Happy New Year to you n yourn n thanks for all the friendship!

3:23 AM EST  

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