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And if i really wanted to run this motif into the ground right off the cricket bat, i might start off saying something like, "how's about some roasted sherry duck for Christmas, hon?" In the interests of not having to live the lie that i am indeed operating a grossly unconventional eating establishment, i should go ahead and state that the title is lifted from one of my favorite books, because i always wished that this place could exist outside of the author's fevered imagination. And now it does, kind of. But not at all really.
PS: The sketches above were copied from Frank Tashlin's "The Stupid Cupid" onto the first page of my new sketchbook!



Blogger Craig D said...

Hey, nice!

I've always liked Tash's take on Daffy. He'd be really ngular with feathers sprouting out at the sharp corners of his design.

I especially like the coffee stain. How'd you do that?

9:06 AM EST  
Blogger bardhol said...

Multistep process:
1) Remove borders in html
2) find coffee stain
3) photoshoppery
4) create borders on your image that are the same color as your blog background
5) voila!

i like the Tashlin / Art Davis Daffy, too. Probably my favorite, as far as how he's drawn and animated, and so much fun to copy!

3:38 PM EST  
Blogger Craig D said...

Huh! Now, y'see, I'da just slopped coffee all over the drawing and been done with it!

Now, what's this internet thing I keep hearing about..?

4:43 PM EST  

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