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Just saw this video last night. It's the killers' "bones", directed by Tim Burton(!) Anyway, the skeleton army from Jason and the Argonauts makes an appearance and influences everyone else in the video to shed their skin. I wish Burton had gone with puppets, but alas, the effects seem to be in cg. Still very nice.



Blogger KenM said...

Ah, yes, CGI reigns supreme these days. Nevertheless, the concept of the video is fun and at least the "Jason" footage gets a moment in the sun.

By the way, Mr. B, it's good to see The Diner open for business. Carry on!

10:56 PM EST  
Blogger russkal said...

Found your blog through Craig's recommendation. I'm a huge Tim Burton fan and have collected almost all his DVDs. Well, except this.

I'm buying!

Happy new year!


The countdown begins!

2:14 AM EST  

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