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my bro.



Blogger KenM said...

Now that's very interesting. Very interesting indeed. I don't know, it has a certain something. I like it. I'm curious as to how you arrive at the level of distortion on each object or if that's more of a "feel" thing.

10:10 AM EST  
Blogger KenM said...

BTW, the "distortion" comment is not a criticism, B. I like it a lot. Not sure if I was clear enough on that. (See, there's a little glimpse of my own inner "socially defective numbskull" for ya.)

10:49 AM EST  
Blogger Craig D said...

Nice job with the fabric folds!

Though I can't really see what your brother might be staring at so intently, my first impression was that he was repairing an old pocket watch.

That chair in the foreground looks almost like an optical illusion, as does the tablecloth in the lower right-hand corner.

Is your brother legless, or does he have his feet up on the chair across the table from him?

Lastly, has he been waited on yet?

9:47 PM EST  
Blogger bardhol said...

ken mcgee:
Don't worry, i got your drift, buddy. The distortion is a combination of several things. Your guess about "feeling" it out is basically correct, in that i was specifically thinking of guys like Al Hirschfeld and Egon Schiele, who can do a drawing distorting the crap out of someone, and yet still end up with an exact likeness of the person. I drew the chair in the foreground in a similar spirit, but poor draftsmanship also came into play.i simply can not draw symmetry, straight lines, or basic 3-d objects, which is maybe why i like the aesthetic of distortion so much -- it hides many a flaw!

1:40 AM EST  
Blogger bardhol said...

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2:07 AM EST  
Blogger bardhol said...

craig d'egg:
Hm. You have some interesting points. I will try to elucidate. Well, first of all, i was only trying to be delineative, not thinking about narrative at all! Which i should have been! Second, in the Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction Dept., he is actually writing a poem for my wife. Third,
I am quite pleased with that chair. In fact, i had scrolled down the page just earlier so that the upper third of the picture was cut off and, i was struck at the difference in the composition, how nice, almost classical-looking it all became. I then realized the difficulty that the top 1/3rd presents me with. The head. It should be hunched at the end of a curve that would also connect the back and shoulders -- not this mountainous impossibility of a thing drifting away from the body on some ectoplasmic tether. And why does his neck taper off like that? It makes no damn sense! My brother has legs, they're just not shown. I think this is because i never knew where they'd go from one minute to the next and when i finally would have been ready for him to stop moving i decided that i didn't want all kinds of lines under the table crossing and competing for space with the furniture legs. In other words, i was doing alright & didn't want to press my luck.
To answer your last question, no. He doesn't eat. He may be a vampire but as yet we've never done the sort of methodological research that would satisfy the question, one way or the other.

2:07 AM EST

2:09 AM EST  

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