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bloody hands



Blogger whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Those are pretty good. Hands are so hard to draw!

3:33 PM EST  
Blogger Craig D said...

What is it about hands!?!?

We look at them every day of our lives and yet they defy internalization! Is it because they can be put into so many different positions? Is it because we want all the digits to look the same when, in fact, they don't? I repeat, "What is it about hands!?!?"

You have some nice looking thumbs, there, BTW. Some of them look like the hands of Dr. Calligari, though. What is it about hands!?!?

Me? I can't even draw Mickey Mouse hands - and those only have four digits! What is it about hands!?!?

Keep pluggin' away...

4:32 PM EST  

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